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Specialist in the Asbestos Removal, Consultancy, Building Surveys, Pigeon Foul, Hazardous Waste and Soft Strip Demolition.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) become a hazard when inadvertently disturbed, releasing fibres into the atmosphere. These fibres are known to cause a variety of illness’s and diseases as they can penetrate into the lungs

Legislation dictates that all duty holders must identify and assess whether there are any asbestos containing materials present within their premises and assess the risk by either removal, encapsulation or managing them according to the condition or risk it presents.

With over 50 years of experience in asbestos removal Grove has the expertise and knowledge to safely manage asbestos materials wherever they are found.

Our Management team work with each client tailoring our services to their needs, removing or treating the hazardous material with minimal disruption.

From identification to final disposal Grove can offer the complete package, our health and safety adherence and training schedule breeds confidence that this highly specialised service will be carried out effectively.

Continually building on our wealth of experience in the asbestos industry Grove has successfully completed a vast number of complex and diversity projects in both Public and Private sectors, on premises such as hospitals, schools, Universities, office blocks, paper mills & power stations throughout the UK.

Grove continually strive to offer the best value option to our clients whilst maintaining a high standard of service and expertise.